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Driver Rules
1. All drivers must attend the Drivers Meeting held shortly before driving begins. Drivers Not at the drivers meeting will not receive a wrist band to drive. 
2. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and sign a liability waiver.
3. Underage drivers 12 & up are allowed with parent or guardian present and must sign waiver.
4. Closed toe shoes and pants required to drive on track.
5. All Drivers must wear a helmet. Helmet must be in good condition. (SA-2015 or newer required.) (M-Rated helmets are NO LONGER acceptable starting in 2022.)
6. Use common sense. The event staff reserves the right to remove you from the property at any time with no refund. 

Car Rules
1. All cars must have a working seat belt. If 4, 5, or 6 point harness is used it must be installed properly. If you want to take a passenger for a ride along, all the same rules apply.
2. No leaking fluids.
3. Coolant overflow is required. Yes, a bottle is okay.
4. All wheels must be torqued and all lugs & studs must be present on both wheels and spacers.
5. Batteries must be tied down. No ratchet straps, bungees, or zip ties.
6. Suspension components & bushings must be intact with no signs of wear or damage.
7. Remove all loose items from car before tech inspection. (Tools, floor mats, tires, bottles, etc)
8. Gas cap must be present.
9. Convertibles must have a roll bar or properly secured hardtop to drive. Style Bars DO NOT pass. If you have questions about if your roll bar will pass or what kind of bar to get, contact us before the event.
10. Seats must be securely mounted.
11. Tow hooks are REQUIRED front and back! Factory or aftermarket straps. Please make them easily accessible in case you need to be towed off track.
12. All cars must have a fire extinguisher mounted inside the vehicle. It should be within reach while you are in your seat. NOT in your trunk.

14. Naturally aspirated cars need some form of muffler. No straight pipes! If you're questioning this rule, you car is too loud!  THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED (2022)! No exceptions. 

Track and Pit Rules
1. No burnouts or reckless driving anywhere but on track.
2. Speed limit in pits is 5MPH.
3. Clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash or used tires. If you brought it with you, take it home with you. There will be garbage cans throughout pit area.
4. Obey all flaggers and staff. Be respectful.
5. Do not exit vehicle on track until it is cleared by staff except in case of fire.
6. Cageless tandems are allowed on our "L-Track" with approval of staff and all other drivers involved.

7. Pending track layout, tandems on the oval will now require a cage. 6 point minimum with X or NASCAR style door bars. Rear down bars can not terminate into another bar. Diagonal bar must be one piece. Consult the 2020 Formula Drift rule book for further info.

We do recommend that cars with the exhaust on the same side as the brake master, use a heat shield around the master cylinder.

ANY trucks that want to drift NEED to contact us for approval prior to showing up at the gate. Trucks should be lowered with proper DRIFT suspension, manual transmission, and proper LSD/Welded rear. NO lifted trucks. NO tool boxes or items in the bed. If your drift truck is setup to follow the rules, you shouldn't have any issues passing tech.  

Any questions regarding tech please contact us via the "Contact US" page, or on Facebook.

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