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Welcome to Drift Evergreen! We work to be the true definition of a "Grass Roots" drift event. Drivers of all skill level are welcome, we love seeing new faces. For anyone who has not been to Drift Evergreen before, we run 2 layouts simultaneously all day long to get our drivers the most seat time possible. The "L-Track" as its come to be known, and our "Oval".  Pictures of the new flagpole section on the oval are blow.  

Before coming to the track make sure to read the rule book to ensure your car will pass tech!

General Info

Spectators / General Info: 

Spectators are always welcome at Drift Evergreen! Evergreen Raceway is full of great places to watch and during a drift event there are almost always cars on track. Spectator entry is $15 and there is no extra charge for you to take a ride along or go into the pit/grid area.

  • Passengers must adhere to all driver safety regulations. Including but not limited to a proper helmet, long pants, and closed toe shoes. If you are interested in riding along see THE RULEBOOK!   

  • The kitchen at the track makes some really good food for truly reasonable prices, so while you can bring in outside food and drinks, we encourage everyone to support the racetrack and buy some food.



Event Pricing is as listed below, However is subject to change. 

  • Driver Entry fee for an "Open Drift" day is $85. 

  • Spectator Entry is $15. Please see the spectator section above for more information.

  • Remember Evergreen Raceway is a cash only facility. 

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